New Nano Transponder Released

New ID100B/1.25mm nano transponder has been released

By combining the smallest transponder dimensions with a functional read range the ID100B/1.25mm provides a minimally instrusive identification solution for even the smallest species, including neo-natal animals. A16.5 gauge, ultra thin wall thickness needle (0.125mm) reduces animal stress during implantation. The Luer locked hub provides a secure gun to canula connection, ensuring a firm and stable implantation process.

As with all Trovan unique transponders the nano is laser programmed ROM, mechanically coded during manufacture,and as such are not prone to the same identification duplications as other transponders on the market. Similary the patented design has no solder joints and boasts only six connections compared to nineteen in other munufacturers chips. Each joint can be a point of weakness so the reduced number of connections in the Trovan unique transponders also reduces the potential failure points.

Go to Support Section to download ID 100B/1.25mm Specification Sheet